Kenwood TK-3401D


"Kenwood introduces ProTalk Digital 446"

The new TK-3401D changes the game - a new digital PMR446 radio with 16 separate digital channels, increased range, clarity and security and leadership in its field.


Key Benefits

  • Hassle-free with no license required 
  • ETSI TS102 490 compliant dPMR 446 
  • Dual mode (user selectable analogue/digital) hand portable built on the dPMR446 protocol 
  • FDMA 4-Level FSK modulation enables highly efficient 6.25 kHz frequency use compared with analogue 12.5 kHz PMR446 radios 
  • Double the usable channels against current analogue PMR446 radios for congestion-free communications: 32-ch/2-zone (16ch per Zone) @ ERP 500 mW RF output Zone 1: PMR446 16ch (446.000-446.100MHz) Zone 2: dPMR446 16ch (446.100-446.200MHz)
  • Loud and clear digital communications with AMBE+2 vocoder and our new 1.0W BTL amplifier 
  • User programmable features without requiring software 
  • Rugged and durable Kenwood quality 
  • TK3301 accessories are compatable with this model





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